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I’m a Storyboard Artist for animation – I mostly work in Storyboard Pro and Flash, and can produce traditional panel-by-panel boards or fully-timed-out animatics. I recently boarded on the hugely-successful Mr. Bean Show, also 14 episodes for CBeebies Tee & Mo series, and also on TOT COP for Nickelodeon. I just wrapped on LOVE MONSTER for Karrot Animation. I’m currently based in Brighton, UK, but spent a number of years working in Los Angeles on The Tom & Jerry Show.

I’m also a Writer – so if you’re looking for an all-rounder Writer/Board Artist, or would like to see samples of my work or a CV/Resume – get in touch!


Love Monster Karrot / BBC (2018-19)
Tot Cop Nickelodeon (2018)
Mr. Bean: The Animated Series Tiger Aspect (2018)
Tee & Mo BBC CBeebies / Plug-In Media (2016-17)
The Tom & Jerry Show (Revisionist) Renegade / Warner Brothers (2015-16) Renegade / (2013-16)
Fisher Price’s Little People DHX Media / HiT Entertainment (2014-15)
Space Racers PBS Kids / Sprout (2012-13)
Wild Grinders Telegael / Nickelodeon (2013)
Gaspard & Lisa Impossible / Silvergate / Disney Jr (2009-10)
The Mr. Men Show Renegade / Cartoon Network (2008-9)